Cookie information

The Service Provider or the designated external service providers will use a small data packet on the Affiliateds computer to provide customized service, Cookies are placed and read back. If their browser returns a previously saved cookie, the cookie operator can associate the data saved with current visits to the past, but only for the Affiliateds own content.

The Service Provider uses the following cookie:

Session Cookie: session cookies will be automatically deleted after the affiliated user exits. These cookies are designed to make the Service Provider’s website more efficient and secure, so it is essential that some features of the Website or some applications work properly

Persistent cookie: Presistent cookie is also used by the Service Provider for a better user experience (eg, providing optimized navigation). These cookies are stored for longer in the browser cookie file. The duration depends on the setting applied by the users web browser.

Shopping basket cookie.
Security cookie.

The “Help” feature in most of the browser’s menubar provides the Affiliated with information about how to disable cookies, and how to accept new cookies, create new cookies or switch off some of the cookies.

External servers help the Affiliated independently measure and audit Site and other webanalytic data on the Website (Google Analytics). Data controllers can provide detailed information about the handling of measurement data to the affected party.


If the Affiliated does not want Google Analytics to measure the above data for the purpose and purpose described, they will have to install the blocking plugin in their browser.