General Terms and Conditions

We kindly ask you to read the General Terms and Conditions as you submit, at the same time you place your order, that you are aware of, acknowledge and agree to be bound by the General Terms and Conditions between you and Gekko Design Bt. You also acknowledge that your order is subject to payment. In case you do not agree with the contents of these GTC, you are not entitled to view the contents of the webshop and place an order. If you have any questions about these Terms of Use, the use of the Web Store, the products, the purchase process, or the shipping process, please contact us at one of the contact details below.


Company name: Gekko Design Bt.
Address: H-2016 Leányfalu, Móricz Zsigmond út 46. Hungary
Phone: +36 20 465 7900
E-mail: [email protected]
Tax number: 28672687-2-13
Company Registration Number: 01-06-518064
IBAN: HU36 1170 5008 2044 9971 0000 0000
Accounting Bank: OTP Bank
Registration organisation: Company Registry Court of Budapest Capital

Webshop contact information:
Domain of the webshop:
Postal address: H-2016 Leányfalu, Móricz Zsigmond út 46. Hungary
Phone number: +36 20 465 7900
E-mail: [email protected]

Data of the hosting provider: Jumu Kft. H-1025 Budapest, Törökvész út 3/a. Hungary, [email protected]


with reference to Purchase Terms:

a) consumer: a natural person proceeding in their own matters beyond their professions, their own jobs, or business activities

b) consumer legal dispute: a dispute related to the quality and safety of the product, to the application of product liability regulations, to the quality of the service, to contracting between parties, and to the performance

c) consumer contract: contract between consumer and business enterprise

d) warranty: mandatory warranty defined according to separate law referring to consumer contracts, and according to Law V, 2013 referring to the Hungarian Civil Code

e) distance contract: a consumer contract made for the contracted product or service through an electronic distance selling system without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties, in making the contract the parties use electronic communication devices only

f) electronic communication device: a device which is capable of making contractual declarations without the physical presence of the parties. Such devices are forms without an addressee or an address, standard letters, advertisements with order forms published in the media, catalogues, telephones, telefaxes, and devices that provide internet access

g) product: movables defined in Point 2 of the current General Terms and Conditions

h) enterprise: the operator of the homepage who is the legal entity selling the product on the homepage and who is defined in Point CONTRACT PRODUCT


The board games selected by the consumer through the homepage operated by the enterprise.  Information about the major characteristics of the board games (type, color, design, composition, size, quality, provenance, etc.) is provided to the consumer during selection and finalising order.

Select the product

The buyer can select the product by clicking on its name or photo to watch more details.

Add the product to the shopping bag

After specifying the number of items, the customer can click on the “ADD TO BAG” button to place the item in a virtual shopping bag. Adding a product to your shopping bag does not create a payment obligation. If you would like to add more products to the bag, browse through and add the product (s) you want to purchase as well. The bag automatically calculates the total amount of your order.

View the shopping bag

It is possible to view or modify the contents of the shopping bag during the order. If the basket does not contain the quantity you want to order, then enter the quantity you want to order in the data entry field in the QUANTITY column. If you want to delete items in your bag, press the X button in the left column. If you do not wish to purchase any additional product and you are satisfied with the number and price of the product(s), then click CHECKOUT.


No registration required for purchase.

Data of purchase, shipping and billing

Billing information (first name, last name, address (country, street, house number, city, state, zip code), email address, phone number) is required when ordering. The webshop system automatically stores billing information as shipping information. If the billing and shipping details are different, then click to the check box of SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS? and provide shipping details. When you enter your order details, you have the opportunity to choose the method of delivery and payment. You can enter notes about your order into the ORDER NOTES box.

Finalize your order

If you find everything in order during the order check, please submit your order by pressing the PLACE ORDER button. Please note that sending an order entails payment obligation, you accept this by clicking the button.

The information in relation to your order will be confirmed automatically to your e-mail address. You may check the order details. Your order will be registered under the registration number in your confirmation. Our contract will be made through implied conduct and through our confirmation.

The contract to be made is considered to be a written contract according to Paragraph 6:7.§ (3) in the Civil Code. The language of the contract is Hungarian.

Repair of the mistakes by data entry

The user can always go back to the previous phase before completing the order process, where it is possible to correct the input data. It is possible to view or modify the contents of the shopping bag during the order. If the basket does not contain the quantity you want to order, you can change the quantity of the basket by changing the quantity button quantity for the given product. If the User wishes to delete the products in the basket, he can delete it by pressing the X button next to the product. During the order, the User has the opportunity to correct / delete the entered data continuously. Please make sure that the information you provided is accurate before finalizing your order. If you find an error after your order has been placed, please contact our team at +36 20 465 7900, [email protected]. If you request after our confirmation, the contractual amount may change according to the new information.


The prices on the product sites are discounted and undiscounted prices which are valid for internet shopping. The prices quoted include the VAT (27%). The prices quoted do not include shipment costs which will be provided in detail in Point SHIPPING AND DELIVERY.

Shipping to EU countries

Buy for min. 100 EUR, and we ship your order in all areas of the European Union for free.

If you buy for less than 100 EUR, shipping fee is 8 EUR.

Online shopping and delivery is available only in the member countries of the European Union.


You can choose the method of payment while ordering. The items ordered can be paid by PayPal, or it can be done through secure online connection, through Simple Pay pay system by credit cards accepted by Simple Pay. Service provider: OTP Mobil Szolgáltató Kft. Address: H-1143 Budapest, Hungária krt. 17-19. Hungary. Customer service: [email protected], +36 1/20/30/70 3-666-611, Company Registration Number: 01-09-174466


Accepted cards: Visa, MasterCard

In the case of these cards the issuing bank determines whether the cards can be used for internet purchases. If your bank issuing Electron cards permitted the use of cards for internet shopping, you will be able to use your cards in our web shop. For further information please contact your bank issuing your card.

Steps of payment

  • After clicking on „Pay” you will be directed to the Simple Pay pay site where you can start the transaction by providing your data.
  • After providing your card data, please check the correctness of data.
  • The transaction will be processed through the bank processing systems.
  • You will receive information about your payment via e-mail, and you will be redirected to the website of the service provider.


You may modify your order until we give it to the courier service. In that case please call +36 20 465 7900 or write to [email protected]. As a reference please provide the order number which is in the confirmation e-mail.


In the European Union, buyers have the right to return goods that are not ordered in the shop within 14 days and return the full purchase price. The reason for the return could be anything – even that the customer has simply changed his mind.

The consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal by making a clear statement to that effect +36 20 465 7900, [email protected].

The 14-day thinking time starts when the ordered goods are received. If the last day of the two-week period falls on a public holiday, the returning period will expire on the next working day. In case of written cancellation, it is enough to send the statement of cancellation within 14 days. The company may claim compensation for depreciation due to use that exceeds the use required to determine the nature, characteristics, and function of the product.

You may not exercise your right of withdrawal from the contract if, for health and / or hygiene reasons, the product cannot be returned after its termination after delivery, or if custom-made products cannot be exercised. The right of withdrawal for hygiene products is regulated differently by law than normal products. When a product comes into direct contact with body or body fluids, even during the trial of the product, the law requires the seller not to take it back unless the packaging of the product has been opened. Therefore, we can return only products with the original label.

In the case of a return, the shipping cost is payable by the consumer.


According to the rules, the trader has to reimburse the purchase price of the goods by transfer within 14 days of receiving the notice of withdrawal, but may delay the refund if he has not received the goods in time. If you have paid shipping costs at the time of purchase, the dealer must also refund it in addition to the purchase price. However, in case you requested a non-regular postal service (eg. fast-paced service), the merchant has the right to charge this cost.


a) Complaints related to shipment
We take full responsibility until receipt of goods. We exchange faulty or damaged products within 14 workdays, or we will replace them at our expense. After receipt of goods we cannot accept complaints referring to shipment.

b) Handling complaints
Please send your complaints and remarks referring to ordering and shipping to +36 20 465 7900, [email protected]. We will respond within 30 days.



In case you have any further questions, contact us: +36 20 465 7900, [email protected]


Valid from: 30. November 2020.