Nine Men's Morris

Game Rules

The game is played by two players.

The players take turns placing their black or white ”men” [O], 
one per play, on empty points of a grid, trying to form ”mills” of three. 

The player who is able to place three of their pieces – either while placing men or while moving men – on contiguous points in a straight line, i.e. form a mill, may remove one of their opponent’s pieces from the board with the caveat that a piece in the opponent’s mill can only be removed if no other pieces are available. Once all the (9 + 9) pieces have been placed on the board, the players take turns moving them to adjacent points. 

In the third phase of the game, when a player is reduced to three pieces, their men may ”jump” from any point to any vacant point. This way, the weaker side is given 
a last chance to win. 

A player wins either by reducing the opponent to two pieces or by leaving them without a legal move.

Game On!